Here are various images from the Bedbugs archives related to the three completed feature films:

(above) from ZOOEY & ADAM – we improvised seven complete scenes of backstory for this film, and recorded them all. These scenes were done as an exercise for the benefit of actors and filmmaker. In this backstory scene – not featured in the movie – our heroes get married. We pulled this still from the timeline, blew it up to 8×10 and framed it, to hang on the wall of their home “set” as a wedding picture.

(above) despite having played 25 festivals, this murky old photograph is the only known image of the LUCID team presenting the film at a film festival. Pictured from left to right at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival premiere: Lindy Booth (actor), Brianna Williams (actor), Jonas Chernick (actor & screenwriter), Michelle Nolden (actor), Jamie Brown (Executive Producer) and Sean Garrity (Director).

The INERTIA gang taking questions after the world premiere of the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, September 12, 2001. That was a weird day. From left to right: Mike Bell (actor),  Gord Tanner (actor), Micheline Marchildon (actor),  Jonas Chernick (actor) and  Brendon Sawatzky (producer), and…

… disembodied hands and head of Jonas Chernick (actor), Brendon Sawatzky (producer), Sean Garrity (writer/director) and Stacey Donen (TIFF programmer) looking like he’s 18 years old. Holy Frick! Stacey, were you ever this young?

(above) the image from ZOOEY & ADAM that became the poster. This was shot on a camcorder, then pulled off the editing timeline, cropped, and blown up to a zillion times its actual size to make the poster. That’s some camcorder! And if Canon wants to pay us truckloads of cash for the publicity, we’ll publish the name of it…

(above) Callum Keith Rennie wishing Garrity would shut up so he could get on with his work. From the set of LUCID, shot in 2005.

We always forget to go to the cinema, and get a photograph of the title up on the marquee. Thanks to Stacey Donen for grabbing this from ZOOEY & ADAM’s opening week in Toronto at the Royal.

(above and below) the character of Joseph (Jonas Chernick), in INERTIA, was employed in the Waterworks. So, in wanting to create the impression that he took his work home with him, we made some fake “work” magazines to have lying around his apartment. These are images that we created for the covers of two issues of “PIPES TODAY,” featuring the faces of Art Department workhorses Oscar Fenoglio and Mike Stevens.

(above and below) LUCID sound mix. Winnipeg rhythmatist extraordinaire Daniel Roy lends some of his funk to Richard Moody’s soundtrack for the film. Not visible in this picture is the burnt soup-pot that he brought from home, and can be heard playing in the final chase sequence.

(above) Sound Engineer Howie Rissin hard at work recording Daniel Roy’s knee solo.

(above) Car crash day on the set of LUCID. From left to right: Michael Marshall (cinematographer), David Antoniuk (first assistant director), Sean Garrity (director), Rick Skene (stunt god), Mark Reid (line producer).

(above) This was an early contender for the INERTIA poster, until we realized we should back away slowly and leave poster design to poster design professionals. The posters for all three Bedbugs Films features were designed by the lovely people at Guppy Design.

(above) Note to self: try to remember to wear pants to work. Jonas Chernick between shots on the set of LUCID.

(above) a homemade attempt at a LUCID poster. It was difficult to see and understand, and so I loved it, and thought it perfectly encapsulated the feeling of the film. Everyone else on planet earth, however, hated it.

(above) Arlea Ashcroft, porn queen! One of the characters in INERTIA had an internet porn addiction, so we had to create all the “porn” that he was surfing in-house. This risqué banner featured my girlfriend’s roommate, Arlea. Viewer discretion is advised.