In December 2002, award-winning director/producer/writer, Sean Garrity created Bedbugs Films for the purpose of producing commercially viable, high quality feature films.

Our first production, “LUCID”, premiered in the Contemporary World Cinema programme of the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, before going on to play numerous festivals on five continents, and winning two awards.

“ZOOEY & ADAM” (2009) is presently in video release and on pay TV, after a successful theatrical run in Canada.

“BLOOD PRESSURE” (2012) is now in post production.

Bedbugs Films has eight features in development; among them:

“THE KANMON STRAIT”, a horror film about an English teacher in Kyoto, who is fascinated by the study of Japanese ghosts and monsters, until they start haunting him for real – with a fatal design,

“PHOTOGRAPH AT FULL MOON POINT”, the story of woman who travels to a beach town in Brazil to kill the murderer of her child: her husband,

“SHED DEVIL”, a comedy about a fat, uneducated, rural man who has vowed never to ignore the pleas of people in need, until he stumbles across Satan in his shed one day, and

“THE MASTURBATORS” which the Conservative federal government attempted unsuccessfully to ban under Bill C-10.