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Borealis film posterJONAH, a poker-playing single father, takes his estranged teenaged daughter AURORA on a dangerous road trip to Churchill, Manitoba to show her the magnificent Northern Lights – before her vision disorder renders her completely blind.  For FULL WEBSITE click here.


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SUSAN lives alone, works in an insurance company and is unsatisfied with her mundane life. One day she gets a letter from an anonymous OBSERVER who knows her daily habits, and her potential, intimately. He has a plan for her, if she’s interested. If she is, the letter contains a green card that she should place in her window. If she’s not, she should throw the letter away, and she will never hear from the Observer again.

After a few days of internal debate, she puts the card in the window and begins a long relationship with the mysterious Observer, who puts her on a program that starts by changing her life, but ultimately threatens everything that has meaning for her.

Ideas of faith, of psychosexual relationships, ethical issues and empowerment issues will be explored in this intimate, tense film.

Home School

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Benjamin has been home-schooled by his hackey-sack playing, samosa-eating, folk-festival Mother his whole life.

Now, at age 15, he has been admitted into McGill medical school. His life is set, but all he really wants is to be a regular kid. When he gets an opportunity to enroll in the local high school, the only thing he has to make sure of, is that his mom doesn’t find out…

The Darian Gap

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An innovative, improvisation-based single-shot feature that explores the changing boundary between activism and terrorism in post 9/11 North America.

The Kanmon Strait

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The Kanmon Strait is the story of Curt, a Canadian who, as hundreds of thousands of North Americans have, goes to Japan to teach English. But also to lose himself in an exotic place, to escape his destiny as an administrative assistant in Winnipeg, to transform himself into somebody new.

At a shrine, when he accidentally interferes in a Shinto ceremony, he meets Eriko, a hip local artist also looking for a way to redefine herself, to escape the narrow destiny that her family has planned for her.

By interfering in the ceremony, they have unwittingly awakened a whole host of ancient Japanese ghosts and apparitions who set about haunting them. Scared as hell, and running for their lives, they fall in love with one another, and try to figure out why they are being pursued, try to stop it.

But the ghostworld has other plans for them, and leads them step by step to replay an ancient battle in the Kanmon Strait, where one of them must die at the hands of the other.

Development Partners: The Movie Network, Movie Central, Manitoba Film and Music